Words of the day

*After a date*
Boy: I've... had the time of my life.
Girl: Me too.
Boy: And I've never felt this way before.
Girl: Me too!
Boy: I swear, this is true...
Girl: *smiles*
Boy: ... And I owe it all to you! *looks at girl*
Girl: Aww! You're so sweet!
Boy: DIRTY BIT! *starts breakdancing*
Girl: ...

Words of the day

Him: Hey

You thinking: Oh my god... He just text me... I wonder what he wants... Maybe he just wants to talk... Maybe he's mad at me, I mean all he said was hey... I should just answer him, I don't want to keep him waiting... Well maybe I'll wait another 3 minutes so he think's I'm busy... No, that's to obvious! Could this mean he's into me? Or is he just bored? Either way is fine, I mean I don't care if he likes me back or something. Who said that I eaven like him?!? I'm just gonna text him back now. Should I reply hi or hey? or hey with three y's?? No that's stupid. 2 y's works. He won't know if I did it on purpose or if it was just accidental. Okay. I got this... Or maybe I should wait to send it... No, just press the send-button now! *the message is sent*

You: Heyy


Snacka om att man känner igen sig där! Elr det kanske bara är jag som är så knäpp, haha :D

Words of the day

- Before marriage -
Boy: I have been waiting for this day.
Girl: Do you want me to leave??
Boy: NO!!!
Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: Of course
Girl: Will you ever cheat on me??
Boy: Never in my life
Girl: Will you ever kiss me?
Boy: Every chance I get
Girl: Will you ever hit me??
Boy: Are you crazy?!?
Girl: Can I trust you?
Boy: Yes!
Girl: Sweet heart!
- After marriage -
(Läs nerifrån och upp...)

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